I have a small weather station in my garden which measures windspeed, wind direction, rainfall, barometric pressure and temperature. It feeds the data to an application on this site which updates the display every 30 seconds.

The station is bought from Maplin and was recently on offer for £49.99. It comes with Easyweather software. I have found it locked up once and changed to Cumulus which I find a much better piece of software. My old station, a WS2350 failed after 18 months. The LCD display unit went blank and was as dead a s a doornail. The software I used for that was Weather Display which I was not very impressed with. The author seems to have added bits and bobs on the side as time went on, with no regard to any consistency. Settings in the software were all over the place. Cumulus on the other hand has been very well designed and so far works very well.

Please do comment about your own experiences of recording the weather or if you are thinking of entering the world of weather data recording!